Angela Altus is a New York-based photographer. Throughout her career she has used photography to empower women, profile people and cultures in remote parts of the world and showcase the essence of individuals and brands looking to tell a story.

Angela has a unique ability to connect with her subjects, and put them at ease, capturing expressive and authentic images, whether that be a portrait assignment for a book release or an influencer working with a brand. With a background in both marketing and editorial content development, she understands the art of storytelling and the importance of brand reputation, providing creative counsel and art direction in support of a distinct photographic vision.

Through Angela’s photojournalism and travel photography, she strives to make the world a smaller and more relatable place by showcasing the beauty that exists in underserved communities. Her travel stories have been published in outlets including BBC Travel and USA Today, and she partners regularly with the non-profit the Colorado Haiti Project organization to profile communities and people across Haiti.

As the former New York photographer for Shameless, a premier retro-inspired, body-positive portrait studio, Angela carries the body positive approach throughout her work with a goal of helping women realize their individual beauty and feel empowered by who they are.    

Angela has had the privilege of photographing such distinguished New Yorkers as Philanthropist Grace Hightower DeNiro, Chef Geoffrey Zakarian, and restaurateur Alessandro Borgognone, and has worked with such brands as Almay, Bruno Magli, Cetaphil, Ellen Tracy, Nature’s Bounty, Pure Protein and Revlon.

Angela has a love of poetry as well as a deep admiration for female leaders and activists. In Maya Angelou’s words, “I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life's a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass.”